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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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full support on this. influential council member kenyon mcduffie who heads a judiciary committee says to the fop it's far too early to start pointing fingers. chief lanier issues a statement saying in part, "i'm not interested in responding to or commenting on the anonymous online survey conducted by the fraternity order of police. " mpd took 34 illegal guns off the streets of washington d.c. this weekend alone and reduced violent crime by 39% compared to this same weekend last year. having said all that, with homicides up by more than 40%, it's fair to say the chief is feeling a lot of pressure and it's not just coming from the fop. >> i'm not saying that everybody in the community loves the police officers, but the vast majority of them do. >> reporter: heath lanier has always been among the city's most pop -- chief lanier has always been among the city's most popular public figures,
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but now 1,100 officers say they have no confidence in their chief. >> we have a toxic environment right now and the police officers have no trust in their leadership. >> reporter: the vote came as lanier launched her all hands on deck initiative over the weekend putting every available cop on the streets to combat the escalating violence. >> it doesn't do what she says it does. it doesn't prevent crime. this weekend is a prime example. it creates significant staffing shortages in the middle of the week. >> he went through the program and he did the right thing. >> reporter: armani johnson, one of the two victims killed over the weekend at 4090 and b streets in southeast -- 49th and b streets in southeast, his family like a lot of the families are saying where are the cops? >> this is hands on deck and you've got a person killed at the bottom of the hill. this place should have been swarming with police officers. >> reporter: some think the gun violence is just too big for police alone. former gang or crew members say
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illegal guns are now readily available on the streets for protection and settling even minor disputes. why did you have to carry a gun? why are young guys carrying guns now? >> protection aspect. you have to protect yourself. when you're living a life like that, you trust nobody. anybody can be against you. if you're not with me of, you're against me. me-- me, you're against me. >> reporter: we should point out we've talked to a lot of rang and file cops out here and some -- rank and file cops out here and some admit they are not as aggressive in tackling gun violence. these young guys tell us that these guns are acquired through straw purchases. they're getting them by exchanging drugs for guns and there are actually gun dealers, brokers, who make guns available to about anybody who will pay the price. back to you. >> all of that is sad sobering information, bruce, thank you.
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we've got no arrests today in a shooting that injured a 13- year-old girl and another man. taije chambliss is awake, alert and recovering in the hospital after she was sit while sitting on the steps of a neighbor's -- hit while sitting on the steps of a neighbor's home early sunday evening. the man shot at ran past the steps through the house to get away. the shooters kept firing apparently unconcerned that they might hit the girl. >> my kids was right there. it makes no sense at all. >> taije was hit in the legs. neighbors say the other man was hit in the hand. well, prosecutors in texas say the sheriff's deputy killed in an ambush was shot 15 times in the back and the suspect in that shooting was in court today and is now being held without bond. deputies filled a texas courtroom for the appearance of a man suspected of assassinating one of their own. shannon miles faces a charge of
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capital murder in the shooting death of 47-year-old deputy darren goforth. the harris county district attorney told the court what security cameras and witnesses saw at this houston gas station friday night. >> they saw a dark skinned male who was bald with red shorts and a white t-shirt run up behind the deputy who clearly did not see him or hear him coming and shot him in the back of the head. >> devon anderson told the court miles unloaded his entire pistol into goforth, 15 bullets in all. she said the shell casings matched the handgun authorities found in miles' garage and this attack was unprovoked. miles has a lengthy criminal history including six previous arrests, two for using force against officers. authorities believe deputy goforth was targeted because of his uniform and they link the ambush to the heightened tensions between the african american community and the cops. >> this crime is not going to divide us. this crime is going to unite
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us. people of all races were out there. >> hundreds gathered in houston over the weekend for a vigil in march in honor of officer goforth. sheriff's deputy darren goforth leaves behind a wife and two children. his funeral is set for friday. the judge appointed the suspect two attorneys. he is due back in court october 5th. it took the jury less than two hours to return a verdict of guilty against a machine charged with murdering three pool outside -- man charged with murdering three people outside the jewish community and care center in overland park, kansas. f. glen miller had acted as his own attorney. he admitted to last month's shooting spree saying he was trying to kill as many jews as possible to help protect the white race. thing is none of the victims were even jewish. the jury has to decide miller's sentence, life in prison or death. the federal government is giving police agencies all across the country another $18
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million to buy more bulletproof vests. virginia will get $439,000 of that and that will buy 1,256 new vests for officers all across the state. maryland gets more than $142,000 which pails for 368 vests to be distributed -- pays for 368 vests to be distributed. a community reception is underway in salem, virginia, to honor wdbj tv photographer adam ward. he and reporter alison parker were shot to death last week during a live television interview of tonight' reception honoring ward is taking place at salem high where ward went to school. his funeral is tomorrow in roanoke. the u.s. supreme court said former virginia governor bob mcconnell can stay out of prison while he appeals his convictions. the high court stayed an order that would have sent mcdonnell to prison. mcdonnell and his wife maureen were convicted last year of accepting gifts and loans from a virginia businessman in
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exchange for favors. the former governor received a two year sentence. come tomorrow a kentucky clerk will have to decide whether to issue same sex marriage licenses or risk a foon and jail time unless the supreme court -- a fine and jail time unless the supreme court intervenes on her behalf. a federal judge has since ordered her to issue those licenses and an appeals court upheld that decision. the leftovers of tropical storm erika have soaked parts of florida and the carolinas. look at some pictures out of charleston, south carolina, 6 1/2 inches of rain, just drenched today. well, you can see what that much water does to the streets, floods them. back in our neighborhood we're talking about some mid- summer-like heat to start september, no rain right now. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is back with more on our heatwave. >> 90s are going to set camp up here for much, if not all of
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the week. 88 in leesburg, 85 downtown, 84 manassas, feels like 94 in leesburg and feels like upper 80s in d.c. and gaithersburg. let's talk about the futurecast. by 10:00 tonight still 80 down town, 76 in gaithersburg, rockville and bowie, 77 in leesburg at 10:00 at night, 74 manassas. tomorrow morning back in the 60s. by lunchtime we're almost near 90 again. the 90s stay with us by wednesday lunchtime once again right around 90 degrees. we'll come back, talk about when the 90s leave us alone and what that means for the holiday weekend. >> thank you, top. oh, my goodness, rg3 is out. it's kurt cousins' turn to lead the redskins. >> talk go a stunning press conference. today head coach jay gruden announced his starting quarterback for the season opener. kristen berset is live. >> reporter: now wen the
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rumors are true. it's been a drama filled couple of days for the redskins. hear about what the team had to say about the big decision coming up in sports. >> it is a race against time >> it is a race against time for refuse knees
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european leaders are planning emergency talks to tackle the largest refugee crisis since world war ii. tensions are especially high
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near hungary's border near serbia where the hungarians are building a 1,500-mile barbed wire fence. still thousands of refugees from syria are refusing to turn back. >> the hungarian government estimates that 150,000 refugees have crossed into hungary, but hardly anybody wants to stay here. they want to get to places like germany and britain and holland. they're even asking us what they should do. >> germany expects to receive 800,000 asylum seekers this year, more than any other country in the european union. president obama arrived on his three-day trip to alaska. >> during his stay the president will attend the state department's conference on arctic nations and make some remarks about climate change. obama will be the first sitting president to get to the arctic regions of alaska and just yesterday the president announced mount mckinley will be renamed denali to reflect native alaskan culture.
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coming up remembering former maryland governor marvin mandel and the deadly crash that led to his fall from grace. >> up next presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump may be on the
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a pair of new polls out there hint at possible shakeups at the top of the presidential races and this is in both parties. a survey of caucussers out today shows republican donald trump now tied with dr. been carson in iowa -- ben carson in iowa each with 23%. this is the first poll this summer trump has not been the clear frontrunner. >> on the democratic side an iowa caucus poll shows frontrunner hillary clinton has just a seven point lead over bernie sanders. that's 37 to 30%. vice president joe biden who is not yet in the race stands at 14%. clinton lost 20 percentage points since may while sanders' support has doubled. he presided over a major reorganization of state government, built a subway in baltimore and spent $1 billion on school construction. >> today flags in maryland fly at half staff in honor of the former governor marvin mandel.
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mandel died yesterday. he was 95 years old. mandel served from 1969 to 1979 and was convicted on political corruption charges. back in '94 mandel talked with wusa9 about that low point and the high points of his years of service for the state of maryland. >> reporter: mornings you could find marvin mandel taking the pledge of allegiance with customers of chick and roost, well known political stomping ground, a man of habit sitting in the governor's booth always willing to share his political know-how. >> when i was governor, the door was open. anybody could come in. if a legislator had a problem, he called upstairs. they'd say come right up. >> reporter: while basking in his role as informal advisor, 38 years ago mandel's name was synonymous with what the washington post calls maryland's tainted political past. it was 1979. of it two trials mandel and
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five co--- after two trials mandel and five co-defendants were convicted on fraud and racketeering charges for allegedly accepting gifts, vacations and financial help, all this said prosecutors for mandel's influence in getting extra racing days for the marlboro racetrack. >> i have never during the tenure of my office ever defrauded the people. >> reporter: in 1987 a federal judge threw out the conviction. >> i'm sorry that had happened but not because i did anything to make it happen, but because it's a sorry incident in the history of the state. it was all political. >> reporter: in his later years mandel practiced law, his office just a block from the statehouse and governor's mansion. if 1977 was a low point in mandel's life, 1994 was a high point, a day of vindication, the formal unveiling of his portrait in the state capitol.
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>> they've been great experiences. i wouldn't trade it for the world. >> toward the end man dell's first marriage -- mandel's first marriage played like a soap opera. his wife locked him out of the house when she found out he was seeing another woman who later died. mandel is survived by two children from the first marriage and 4 stepchildren. governor mandel will lie unstate at the statehouse until wednesday. the funeral is thursday. if you need details, go to our website the public is invited. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> topper is back and you brought the heat with you. >> i did, not so bad today, but a little more uncomfortable tomorrow and wednesday and again thursday, too. >> but no erika action for us, right? >> no. clouds are south and we're pretty much done with the remnants of erika. live look outside, nice
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downtown, temperature 85, dew points falling, 66. that's pretty good in terms of humidity, relative humidity 53%. that's what that translates to. that's not that bad, winds south at 10. you probably could jog this evening. i would not recommend that tomorrow night or wednesday night. live doppler 9000, pretty quiet, had a couple showers north of frederick that died out, a couple showers hanging tough toward i-81 southwest of winchester, heavy rain around strasburg, most of this moving south and east about to cross over i-81. you see a little bit red there, a little heavy downpour, no hail or wind. it's moving through front royal at 6:59 if it holds together. it may make it to blue ridge mountain by 7:14 on our storm tracker. we'll keep a stray shower or thunderstorm in overnight. that's it. bus stop temperatures 68 to 78, muggy but dry tomorrow, hot
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isolated storms tomorrow. 10:30 tonight it's 80 downtown, 70s in the burbs, partly cloudy skies. by morning there will be a few 60s, but low 70s downtown, not a bad start, but it warms up quickly. in fact, by 9:00 it's 79 downtown, 79 in leesburg, 77 in gaithersburg and bowie, 76 in manassas and by 1:00 we're back up to 90 with a couple of isolated showers or storms, most of which will be west of i- 81. 79 at 9:00, 86 at 11:00, 90 at 1:00 and dry through about 1:00. the next three days we're looking at temperatures, 92, 92, 92 with a better chance of storms on wednesday. next seven days looks pretty good for the holiday weekend, maybe an isolated storm for the burgundy and gold, but should be nice for the maryland game, 80s on sunday, slight chance of a shower, still only 89 on labor day.
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>> thanks, top. in kirk we trust that, message from washington head coach jay gruden today naming ♪ hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> we heard the rumors all weekend long. reports started surfacing before saturday's game in baltimore that kirk cousins would replace robert griffin, iii as washington's starter for 2015. today head coach jay gruden confirmed those reports saying this is team. we saw kurt cousins taking practice this morning with the first team offense.
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gruden says cousins simply outplayed his counterparts the last few weeks. cousins says after four years in this league he's learned that things can change in an instant. >> welcome to the quarterback to the nfl. i walked in the jacksonville game last year week two in the 1st quarter. you just don't know what's going to happen. the minute you have preconceived notions you get yourself into bltroue. i come in here and control my attitude and my pressure and if i do that, the rest takes care of itself. >> reporter: there have been no discussions about letting griffin go. he reportedly took the news in stride today. cousins said griffin and colt mccoy were classy in their responses, but what about the rest of the team? frank hanrahan was in the locker room to get their reaction. >> reporter: well, with word this is now officially kirk's team for the upcoming football season redskins reaction in the locker room, i got to tell you i get the feeling this team is already fatigued over the quarterback controversy talk.
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>> kirk, he's a guy who has gotten better every year. when kirk was scouting in the past, he treats that like he's preparing for the game and i think that's not only made us better defensively, but it's made him better as well. >> i like his accuracy. he's real accurate and he gets the ball out. his balls are easy to catch. >> i don't get paid enough for all that, man. i'm just employee 23. >> reporter: still very much up in the air is the future of rg3. remember he has to pass that concussion test just to be able to play for the redskins. as now as a backup. he was spotted but right as availability was out. still no word how he feels. his head coach says rg3 handled the situation professionally. frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. >> reporter: thanks so much, frank. for cousins backup since griffin is in that concussion protocol gruden hasn't made any
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decisions, but colt mccoy will play the entire game thursday. this quarterback carousel has stopped for now. >> thank you, kristen. big emphasis on the words for now, i guess. >> we should have saw the signs on that. that is it for now. the cbs evening news is next. >> we're back with your only local news at 7:00. so
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>> pelley: a search for the motive in the ambush of a veteran deputy at a gas station. the suspect was charged today with capital murder. also tonight, as the president visits alaska, we'll take you to the portage glacier to show you the dramatic effects of climate change. new questions about the safety of ball parks after a fatal fall. and a dark piece of history leads to a hunt for gold. >> do you think there's a train full of treasure? >> i hope so. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the suspect in the cold-blooded murder of a deputy sheriff in texas was taken to court today to hear the charge against him. tonight, investigators are


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